Monday, October 21, 2013

Missing White Woman Syndrome... Greek Style.

Natalee Holloway, Lori Hacking, Laci Peterson, Madeleine McCann and now Maria?

Maria isn't missing or dead... but she is white. 

This past Wednesday Greek authorities raided a Roma gypsy camp on suspicion of drug trafficking. In the process, they rescued a girl who apparently was not related to either of the adults that she was living with, nor anyone else in the camp. The though being that she maybe have been abducted and a victim of human trafficking.

A tragedy that is on its way to be being corrected. Possibly. An adopted child taking illegally from her parents?  Maybe.

A world wide news worthy story? Only because she is white and blonde.

If this girl was ______________ (take your pick of any non-white ethnicity) or possibly even not cute and blonde, this would have been shelved for all new outlets not in Greece, or possibly the countries they are GUESSING that she may be from, Scandinavian and eastern European countries.

This is MWWS at its zenith.

Regardless of the outcome, be it that the police were over zealous and took this child from her adopted family illegally, or if she was abducted and was rightly rescued, or she was the product of a black market adoption pipeline etc... the news coverage is outlandish, especially considering that hundreds of people died around the world due to suicide bombings, many people were killed here in the US due to gun accidents (including children) and drug violence...just during the week they found Maria.

She is adorable, and I hope that the right outcome is on its way... but the fact that I even heard about it is ridiculous. 



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